Your Personal Nicaraguan Tour Guide

After finishing my university studies in 2009, I decided to leap into the water and learn to swim: I would open my own business. I had been working as a tour guide since 2001. I spent all my time in college making trips around the country, asking my dean for permission to skip classes. He said, "Well, the good thing is that you're learning more about the career you study." And it’s true, I was. So when I left, I said to myself, “No. I'm not going to work for another company, I'll create my own.” I was with the euphoria of doing something for myself, showing my professors my abilities. And that’s what a career in Management of Tourism Companies is all about; learning to create your own business.

Well that's how it all started, with a very strong idea in my mind. Provide a service with the best standards of quality, human warmth and personalized service. But above all, to be as natural as possible, which is what has made Mas Adventures the company it is today. So now I have the pleasure to work with a group of guides that share the same ideals, and the same spark of joy to show our beautiful country.

And if you want to know how I invented the crazy idea of ​​Volcano Boarding? I hope to meet you one day and I will gladly tell you.