Proyecto Cornizuelo

Anry showing the children at Cerro Negro the new school supplies

We believe in giving back to the local community who live on the road to Cerro Negro volcano, and other popular tourist destinations around León. As part of Mas Adventures, Project Cornizuelo’s focus is on education; support the future of Nicaragua and change a child’s life for the better.
Education is free in Nicaragua, however a lot of families cannot afford the school supplies, such as stationary and clothing, and so many children do not go to school. This means the children are left without the opportunity to better themselves, and their families, through a good education. 
In 2003 we went house to house and spoke with the families, and since then we have been supporting them in any way we can. This might be in sponsoring a particular child, providing notebooks and stationary for entire classes/schools, or simply donating any leftover clothing or toiletries from your trip that you no longer need.
If you'd like to help out please let us know, and we can provide further details.
Giving back to the community through tourism in NicaraguaCerro Negro family with the childrens new school suppliesHelp to support the future of Nicaragua